Nurturing social media accounts for engagement and growth.

Your customers are on social media, and most people check their social media multiple times a day. Using your channels correctly will enable you to reveal a different side of your business to your customers.

People talk about what they saw on their news feed.

When friends get together, they talk about what was shared on social media. Posts that are relevant and add value to their lives is what gets shared.

Gain an edge on your competition by using social media

  • Higher conversion rates when marketing on social media.
  • May be good for SEO.
  • Helps with brand awareness.
  • Can bring more inbound traffic.
  • Learn from your customers.
  • Social proof is easier.

Be heard and get noticed.

There’s lots of noise on the internet, and getting past all the distractions can be difficult. You have to be consistent and produce great content that demands attention.

Is social media management something I need?

  • Why use social media?

    Facebook alone has over 1 billion followers. Many of them will be interested in your products. 

  • Twitter or Facebook?

    Both. There is different uses for each. Knowing how to captivate your audience on each is key.

  • What do I have to do?

    You can help as little or as much as you want. We can create the content based on your guidelines or if you have the content already we can make sure it's posted and responded to consistently. 

  • What does management cost?

    Each plan we offer is tailored to your wants and needs. Contact us to have a free discovery call.

  • Is organic reach still a thing?

    Yes. But your content has to be good and consistent. 

  • I need more business not followers.

    Understood. Although more exposure equals more opportunity. Also, you will be able to reach people who otherwise may not have known you existed. 

Forget likes, get love

  • Consistent posting
  • Comment monitoring
  • High quality posting 
  • Schedule promotion
  • Level playing field
  • More sales
  • Branding